Elxis CMS 網頁內容管理系統

Joomla, 內容管理系統 (CMS), 網頁設計

Elxis CMS最近從一個台灣的客戶,接到一個網站,是Elxis CMS 網頁內容管理系統,接到手上時發覺自己真的很笨。這個Elxis CMS 這麼好用, 功能又強大的系統, 竟然到現在才發現出來,我應該早點發現這個系統就好。

Elxis 的結構,很像我最熟悉的JOOMLA, 我從網上找了一點文章才知道Elxis原來是由mambo開發出來的新產品。

Elxis CMS 是一個PHP開發的內容管理系統,擁有獨特的多語言特性,它遵循W3C標準,安全,靈活,易於使用,介面時髦。此外Elxis包括對搜尋引擎友好的URL、安全、可調整的成員清單以及使用者資料、自動化任務、設計先進、基於 Ajax 和多語言介面等。
Elxis CMS


Language handling

  • You can have an unlimited number of languages published in site front-end or back-end area.
  • Easily create multi-lingual web sites. Any item can be set to be displayed for a specific language or for a group of languages.
  • Full UTF-8 support. Elxis uses special functions to handle multi-byte characters.
  • Full Right-To-Left languages support. RTL languages such as Persian, Israeli and Arabic are fully supported. Elxis detects them automatically and sets the proper text direction or even completely flips the site horizontally (depends on the chosen template).
  • Built-in automatic translation tool
  • Interface already translated in about 30 languages.
  • Multi-lingual, human friendly pathways.
  • Multi-lingual module titles and XML parameters
  • Automatic user language detection and redirection to a language version of the site suitable for him during his first visit on the site.

Content authoring

  • The content is organized in sections and categories but you can also have autonomous pages (un-categorized pages).
  • Integrated blog system (eBlog) allows you to create unlimited number of

ser blogs.

  • Integrated content and blog commentary system.
  • Advanced WYSIWYG editor (TinyMCE).
  • Integrated media manager for images and videos. iBrowser for the TinyMCE editor.
  • Integrated polls manager
  • Integrated banners manager to place your advertizements.
  • Integrated web links manager with linked sites screenshots.
  • Integrated contacts manager.
  • Statistics tools.
  • Advanced search
  • Content items rating
  • XML news feeds and RSS
  • Automatic thumbnails generation
  • Easy to use template system. Ability to assign different template on different pages or languages.

User management

  • Extensible and editable user access system
  • Complete users profile with image avatar and extra fields.
  • Subscription content and control of the registered users expiration date.
  • Users internal messaging system
  • Members list


  • Integrated security tools that are executed before the Elxis core is loaded.
  • Captcha images
  • Elxis Defender prevents XSS attacks
  • Flood Blocker prevents flood attacks
  • Logins Recorder will log successful and un-successful attempts to elxis administration.
  • Login page cloak will hide the elxis administration login form from anyone else except the site administrator.
  • Security enhancements and strict user input checks for the whole Elxis inner code.


  • Object Oriented (OO) programming in PHP 5
  • Search engines optimized. Elxis powered web sites have excellent results in search engines ranking.
  • Search engine friendly URLs with SEO PRO. The Elxis built-in URL rewrite system.
  • Automatic generation of META data
  • XHTML and CSS valid code. Generated by Elxis (X)HTML is table-less.
  • Cross database support. Elxis uses the ADOdb library and therefore can be used under MySQL, PostgreSQL or Oracle database.
  • Database manager with easy database backup, optimization and repair.
  • Static cache can make your site load up to 80% faster.
  • Integrated FTP access over files
  • Filesystem integrity check
  • Change permisions (chmod) tool

More features

  • AJAX powered tasks increase user productivity
  • Ability to place personal or public shortcuts in administration control panel
  • Extend Elxis features by installing additionally software
  • Browse live EDC and install extensions with just one click without having to download them first at your computer (EDC installer screencast).

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